Hi everyone,

so today is actually a very special day because I’m very happy

to tell you that I’ve upgrated  my blog… YAY !!!

This is a huge step and a huge change for me because I’ve never thought I’d be able to manage a space on my own like this, a serious one I mean… but here I am.

I will try and upload every week or schedule some posts and obviousely you will find there everything about me, starting from youtube videos of course, to my favourite outfits, fashion trends I like, makeup and my deepest thoughts.

Don’t worry… nothing changed ! Of course I’m not going to change myself into someone  completely different from who I am and I will always stick to one of my favourite quote ever:

” just be yourself “

I am so enthusiastic about this new blog, I am genuinely so happy to look back and see how much I’ve grown.

I hope you will follow me through this new and exiting journey,

Don’t forget to visit all my socials to never miss anything from me.





SUMMER 2017 !!! Sardinia

Hi everyone!

So yeah, I’m just back from a beautiful and relaxing vacation in Sardinia, Italy. Have you ever been there? I used to every year when I was little because my mum’s from there and since my grandma’s departure

I didn’t want to come over and stay for a while.

But this year I did, after 8 years, and I couldn’t be happier! I had the chance to visit a lot of relatives I didn’t visit in years and to enjoy every minute I could … can you imagine how lovely it is?

Here some snaps I took at the beach… and that you can easily find on my INSTAGRAM page if you’d like to ^^   carmen.youtube

I took some photos when I was there and even thou I have a lot of issues with my body and my confidence, I wanted to try and get over it so for the first time I uploaded pictures of my wearing a swimsuit… hallelujah!!

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I absolutely loved to get lost while snorkeling in deep water and pointing at fishes and corals… unfortunately I couldn’t manage to take pictures underwater, that’s so sad… I know, I know…

I finally had the chance to relax and escape a little bit from my reality, from my problems and my job… and let me just say that it was great! But now that I’m back I am buzzing!!! I can’t wait to film fashion videos and upload them on my youtube channel, I can’t wait to write blog posts and go back to my fashion school and my job.


I’m going to upload a video about my vacation outfits in a couple of days,

so if you don’t want to miss it go to my channel and subscribe, link’s down below.


And what about you? What did you do this summer?


Hope to hear from you very soon, have a nice day!