Hi everyone,

so today is actually a very special day because I’m very happy

to tell you that I’ve upgrated  my blog… YAY !!!

This is a huge step and a huge change for me because I’ve never thought I’d be able to manage a space on my own like this, a serious one I mean… but here I am.

I will try and upload every week or schedule some posts and obviousely you will find there everything about me, starting from youtube videos of course, to my favourite outfits, fashion trends I like, makeup and my deepest thoughts.

Don’t worry… nothing changed ! Of course I’m not going to change myself into someone  completely different from who I am and I will always stick to one of my favourite quote ever:

” just be yourself “

I am so enthusiastic about this new blog, I am genuinely so happy to look back and see how much I’ve grown.

I hope you will follow me through this new and exiting journey,

Don’t forget to visit all my socials to never miss anything from me.






                                                             Hello my besties,
today I wanted to share with you a little personal thing… like if I’m talking
to my friends.
I really thought about opening a youtube channel for so long
and now that I have… sometimes I feel quite weird about the all youtube thing.
I did say in my first video that I waited so long to upload
 because of one of my
biggest fears… BE JUDGED by other people… and that fear is still there
even though my confidence has increased and I’m very
happy about it.
Sometimes I do feel a little insecure…
insecure about myself and about my videos of course.
I’m such a perfectionist and sometimes when I think about a video to film
I picture it in my mind in a specific way and the most of the times it
never comes out the way I imagined it.
And to me that’s so frustrating, because of course you need the
right camera, the perfect background ecc
But… everytime I upload a new video and I’m exited about…
everytime I feel insecure.
I’m a big youtuber addicted and I follow hundreds of people who like me,
make videos and love doing it.
And everytime… like everytime, they look so perfect to me while I’m not.
I have the horrible feeling that my videos are not so good as their.
Of course I love so much Youtube and of course I don’t want to QUIT
or anything like that…I just want to be who I am
with all my flaws and everything, and be noticed for this.
Thank you so much for “listening” to me 🙂
I feel so much better now that I’ve spit that out…


Hi everyone,

I totally missed writing in this little spot of mine.

So today I’m aiming to try and explain this blog post… THE COURAGE TO LAUGH and what I do now, during my amazing vacation here in Sardinia, Italy, to get rid of this feelings.

I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I get just a little tiny bit overwhelmed by my emotions and, since I am a very emotional and sensitive girl (sadly), I find very difficult to shake this feelings off of me and, what I do instead of a nice good old cry, is to grab my iPod and listen to music or hang out for a walk.

Everyone has issues, important or less important and the main thing is to understand how much the problem can affect our lives and react to it, the best way possible, asking or not for help (it doesn’t really matter).

And then there’s me… for no reason, sometimes, I get overwhelmed by emotions, panic and anxiety.

I feel no shame sharing this thing with you, because is a part of me and seriousely, I’m working on it, because I have to ! I want to improve myself, I always put everyone before me… their lives, their feelings, their problems, their everything ! BUT WHAT ABOUT ME ? I keep it all deep inside and that’s not right.

I have to respect myself and care a little bit more about me,  so I’m going to laugh more ! I’m going to grow up a bit and try to react to waves of panic or axiety with a laugh, to be more grateful of what I got from life, to be happier and to learn to let go some things I don’t need in my life.

Laughter requires courage and commitment, the strenght to be positive and happier.

There, another introspective post on my blog… how wonderful !

Have a nice day everyone and I’ll see you very soon!