Hi everyone,

so this isn’t a very nice blog post for me to write and share, still I’m doing it because I want to talk about this problem I have and because I want to try and accept it, move on and never turn back again, even thou it’s not that easy.

I found it difficult talking to a camera, explaining myself and my thoughts, even because I am Italian and sometimes I can’t explain myself so much but I did, I filmed so Im’ going to talk about my body shaming in a VLOG which is going up today.

I always had this thing… where sometimes I struggle finding trousers or leggings and picking up a skirt or a pair of shorts from my wardrobe is so damn difficult lately.

I don’t like my legs, covered or not, I don’t like them and even thou I’m not that big and people everytime say that I’m fit and that I look okay, in the back of my mind I know that’s a lie.


This is so effective to me that I always think I HAVE to hide them somehow, by wearing something long, like a long shirt or a blouse.

I do feel ashamed, I know that there’s people who is truly, deeply, suffering for this , and that increases my guilt. That’s horrible, not being able to feel good with your own body, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

I want it to stop. I want to move on and not think about it anymore, be able to be free and wear whatever I decide to wear because I want to.


It’s not easy, but I’m trying!

I just want to say LOVE YOURSELF, love yourself because you’re perfect as you are, you’re beautiful as you are, and I’m too.

Just as I am, just like this.

Here’s the link to my channel


VIDEO WILL BE UP AT 6pm OR 18 ( ROME time), don’t miss it!

Feel free to leave some comments and to SUBSCRIBE if you like to 🙂



7 thoughts on “BODY SHAMING ISSUES

  1. Hey! I too wish more and more people would stop body shaming! And also, you look beautiful! And I am not a person that lies! Your hair, face, legs, everything is really pretty! I hope that you too begin seeing yourself this way because that is how you really look! Good luck🌷


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